Friday, September 28, 2012

TAST - Weeks 38 & 39

Week 38 - Drizzle Stitch
Week 39- Knotted Buttonhole Stitch
Drizzle Stitch was the chosen stitch of Week 38 at TAST.  A funny stitch that is said to be used in Brazilian embroidery.  It involves retreading the thread while the needle is still in the fabric holding onto MANY cast on loops - the retreading part was frustrating, tricky and tedious, so I don't see myself doing a lot of them.  But they do make really interesting textures, so when I get better and want to do more of them, I will have to invest in a really good needle threader.  The three drizzles on the left were completed with 2 strands of floss, middle was with pearl cotton size 12 and the right arrangement was with cotton pearl size 5 - size 5 was much better.  One day I have to invest in some ribbon and try it.

Knotted Buttonhole was introduced as the stitch for Week 39 of TAST.  This stitch I liked.  I only used two strands of floss for this sample.  I am able to see many uses for this stitch as it handles nicely on curves, straight lines, and circles.

Monday, September 17, 2012

TAST - Week 37

Week 37 - Pistil Stitch
Sharon described the Pistil Stitch as a french knot with a tail and that it is ideal for the centre of flowers or arranged in a circle as a flower motif.

I enjoyed this stitch - simple, but expressive - one that I can seeing using in the future successfully.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

TAST Week 35

Week 35 - Sheaf Stitch
Sheaf Stitch was the challenge for Week 35.  Another stitch I was familiar with and that was easy for me to complete (either that or I am getting better...).  Mary Thomas's Dictionary said it was a handsome and unusual border stitch used in straight lines on both plain- and even-weave fabric, but presented a different way of completing than Sharon at TAST 2012 - so I tried both using 2 strands of floss.

Well, I am finally caught up (to last week) - Week 36 is a catch up week and Sharon has challenged us to create a visual piece of 3 - 6 past stitches - which will be a real challenge for me!

TAST Week 34

Week 34 - Linked Double
Linked Double stitch was the stitch challenge for Week 34.  There were not a lot of resources out there to help with this particular one as it is a combination of a chain and twisted chain stitch - so I am not even sure I was able to complete this stitch completely - but it "looks" similar to others. . .

Sharon at TAST 2012 states "this is a marvellous stitch as it will follow a curve well and lends itself to all sorts of interesting experimentation.  You can widen the chain stitches and play with spacing.  It looks particularly effective if you use a thread with a firm twist.  Silk ribbon also works well with this stitch. It lends itself to being embellished with beads too".

I only used 2 strands of floss for this stitch.

TAST Week 33

Week 33 - Pekinese Stitch
TAST 2012 presented the Pekinese stitch for Week 33.  A stitch I had never seen or heard about before!  Sharon B said "it is also a great finishing stitch around the edge of items like fabric postcards, ATC (Artist Trading Cards)  bags, purses, needle books or pin cushions. Anything small that requires a tidy edge".  Mary Tomas's Dictionary said it is also known as Chinese, blind or forbidden stitch.

Took quite some time for me to "try" and get my loops the same size throughout - but I did try and I am not too sure this stitch will be tried by me again - but one never knows!

TAST Week 32

Week 31 - Cast On Stitch

Week 32 at TAST 2012 gave us the Cast On Stitch.  Now I know how to make those pretty raised flowers!  I even tried different threads than my usual 2 strand floss - the grey is pearle cotton 5 and the yellow on the right is pearle 12.

"Crazy Quilting" has it in the Bullion Stitch category and I could see the similarities.  Definitely one I will use when I finally get around to starting (& hopefully finishing) a crazy quilt!

TAST Week 31

Week 31 - Algerian Eye
Sharon at TAST 2012 presented Algerian Eye Stitch for Week 31.  I have seen this stitch many times, especially in the Ukrainian costumes, just never knew the name for it.  Mary Thomas' Dictionary says it is also known as star or star eyelet stitch.

This stitch I was able to complete without any snags or body/hand/finger contortions!

TAST Week 30

Week 30 - Oyster Stitch
I had been spending too much time outside biking, golfing and just generally enjoying our beautiful summer and got behind on my stitches.  I was able to do most of them earlier, but just never got around to photographing them and posting them to the blog - but I am finally caught up and hope to stay caught up for the rest of this TAST year!

TAST had the Oyster Stitch for Week 30.  Sharon described it as being "very useful in floral motifs as like chain stitch, it works well on a curved line or worked as a disk".  I agree with the flower part and I worked it all with 2 strands of floss.