Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sumptuous Surfaces Monotones

I have been taking the Sumptuous Surfaces Embroidery course from Sharon Boggon at Pintangle - this was the last time she was teaching this course online, so I had to take it.  Over a six week period students are guided through the process of developing their own design,  as well as being introduced to techniques used in freeform textured hand embroidery.

Students are encouraged to create their own design and make one or two small hand embroidered panels. Sharon suggests students work on fabric postcards as this size enables students to complete a small design exercise. However if people want to work larger it is their choice.
This was my project for part one of the course - Sharon gave us notes on where to look for design ideas and how to develop them using composition, shape, geometrical and organic shape, space, handling positive and negative space, scale, density, weight, line, movement, direction and texture. Key principals of design are covered in order to develop a design for a monotone piece of embroidery.  
Mine is 6 x 6 and is representing my granddaughter running & jumping on the beach.
I also joined the Flickr group of other Sumptuous Surface members -