Monday, October 29, 2012

TAST - Week 43

Week 43 - Buttonhole Wheel Cup Stitch
Buttonhole Wheel Cup was the stitch of the week.  This makes a great textured embroidery and is based on the buttonhole wheel stitch and then combined with detached buttonhole.  One row of detached buttonhole produces a ridge, two rows a small cup and three a deeper cup, etc. according to Sharon B at TAST.  I again used a variety of floss and pearl cotton 5 & 12.  Definitely a sweet stitch!


Raphaela said...


libbyquilter said...

a great sampler showing the possible deepening of the 'cup' as well as color variations.

great work.

Debbie's Doings said...

Thank you for your kind comment - I would also like to say that I admire your bead work - one day I might tackle this art.