Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Butterfly Sampler

Butterfly Sampler
Finally got the background completed (almost, except for the green one as the thread is on backorder) and ready to start embellishing each butterfly.

This is the Butterfly Sampler by Sue Spargo which she is offering via Craftsy.  The base is about 16" x 24".  Each shape and butterfly has been appliquéd down and I have done some embroidery on the shapes - will do more when the butterflies are completed.

Next I will appliqué cotton shapes onto each butterfly and then I will add embroidery stitches - lots of.

I do so love working with wool - as opposed to just appliquéing on cotton.  The BOM I have been doing with Sue Spargo, "In Full Bloom", has been a great learning experience and my stitches have definitely improved.  I cannot post a picture of this wall hanging yet, as we have to sign an agreement NOT to post any pictures during the year, so face expulsion from the BOM!!

I have also signed up to do next years' BOM with Sue Spargo, so I can work on this sampler while I am anxiously waiting each month for the next step.

2014 BOM
2015 BOM

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