Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Crazy Quilt Postcards

Signed up for the postcard exchange again this season at Postmark'd Art.  These are the three postcards I had to make - this theme was Crazy Quilts.

Very glad I only had to make three as they took a lot of work!!  But it was enjoyable work - always wanted to make a crazy quilt - maybe when I have time this will entice me to try one.

Two of these went overseas - one to England & one to Wales.

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Nark R said...

Oh Debbie - I love all of your art work - I , also, am retired and love to read - do crazy quilting , zentangles and postcards, and Sharon's TAST. I live in ARkansas. I would love to be in another postcard swap - can you point me in the right direction? or even if you would like to swap one on one.
Let me know.