Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stitches 51 to 55

Raised Herringbone Band Stitch

Triangular Feather Stitch

Herringbone Square Stitch
Laced Square Herringbone

Buttonholed Herringbone Stitch

Again, I am catching up - yeah!!  Here are Weeks 51 to 55 of TAST 2013 by Sharon B.  I have worked each of the stitches with:   on the left:  embroidery floss and on other right:  perle #5 cotton - perle always seems to be easier to work with and produces nicer stitches.

Stitch 51 was the Raised Herringbone - a nice simple stitch - you first needed a foundation with a band of satin stitch (stitch #13), then herringbone stitch (stitch #5).

Stitch 52 was the Triangular Feather Stitch - started off with the feather stitch (stitch #3) - stitches should be horizontal, but I did my vertical to fit my sampler...

Stitches 53 and 54 were together - Herringbone Square and Laced Square Herringbone - the Herringbone Square was a simple stitch and was used as the foundation for the Laced Square Herringbone - which was somewhat confusing and I am not really sure that I was able to follow Sharon's diagrams.

Stitch 55 was the Buttonholed Herringbone - this one I enjoyed as it started off with a simple Herringbone stitch and then worked single buttonhole stitches (stitch #3).

Hopefully I can catch up and then try one of Sharon's challenges...

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