Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stitches 59 to 61

Stitch 59 - Breton Stitch 

Stitch 60 - Diamond Stitch 

Stitch 61 - Raised Cross Stitch Flower 

Finally I am officially caught with TAST 2013 - at least the samples - I have yet to do any of the challenges or to start my own.

Stitch 59 is the Breton Stitch - according to Sharon B it is based on the herringbone stitch (week 5 in 2012).  It is said to make a good border and if worked row upon row it makes an interesting filling stitch - also changing the spacing of the stitches can change the look.  2 strand floss on the left & perle #5 on the right.

Stitch 60 is the Diamond Stitch.  I had some trouble with the stitch, seemed to be missing a step of Sharon's, but thanks to and Mary Thomas's Dictionary - I was able to grasp the stitch,  especially on how to wrap the thread.  Floss on the left and perle cotton #5 and #12 on the right

Stitch 61 is the Raised Cross Stitch Flower - also called the whipped cross stitch as the foundation of cross stitches are whipped around in a circle.  I am not too sure if I completed the flowers correctly, but I enjoyed trying. 6 strands of floss on the left and perle #5 on the right samples.

You will definitely enjoy the many wonderful samples at TAST FAQ.


Faith said...

Very nice. So much neater than most of my stitching. ;)

Queeniepatch said...

Well done! It must feel great to have caught up. So can we now expect to see some challenge work as well...??? If not, your sampler is so neat and clear with the names of the stitches.

Barbara M said...

Good for you! Now you can look forward to the next stitch 'playtime' :)