Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Butterfly Sampler Progress

Because I cannot post the finished picture of "In Bloom" - Sue Spargo's 2014 BOM (everyone who signed up for the BOM had to sign an agreement that we would not post any pictures of it until Sue has published the pattern - probably not until May 2015), I will definitely show my progress on Sue Spargo's "Butterfly Sampler" that I signed up for at Craftsy.

She goes over all the stitches in her lessons that a person could use & she provides the butterfly template - the rest is up to you.  I had to decide what colours, fabrics, felts, shapes for each butterfly.  I also had to decide which threads and embroidery stitches I wanted to use.  I drew and wrote down for each butterfly a 'master' plan.  So far I have appliquéd the felt and fabrics on each butterfly.  I had started to just do one butterfly from start to finish - but that was taking too long & getting too confusing.  So I decided to plan it out, appliqué all of them and then complete the embroidery work on each one.

So far I am pleased with the progress...

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