Friday, January 9, 2015

Postcard Swap

I became involved with Postmark'd Art - a postcard swapping group.  I enjoy doing fabric postcards - but I do not wish to sell them and my friends and relatives may be getting tired of receiving them - so I joined this group.  I signed up for 2 themed groups (there were a few choices) - Winter and Music.  These are my 5 fabric Winter themed postcards that I am mailing out in a few days - 4 go to the USA and 1 goes to Wales, UK.  The object is to get 5 Winter themed cards back.  This is Round 21 for this group.

They measure 4" x 6" - I embroidered the snow people.  It was fun & I hope they get to their destinations, unharmed, and on time.

I now have to create 4 Music themed postcards ...

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